Monday, October 26, 2009

Marvelous Mondays...

Well considering it rained ALL day long it wasn't so marvelous.

The school was flooded all around and I needed my umbrella to walk from my building to the main building where I spent most of my day. Mondays are my least favorite day of week not only because it is Monday, but I typically spend all day in the conference room with ARD after ARD meeting. Well today was no different..first ARD 8:30 am..finished just shy of 10:30. Second ARD at 1:00 pm and finished just shy of 4:00 pm. PD I am contract and stop getting paid at 3 that was a nice bonus for my day. Jonathan was waiting so patiently for me at the apartment to empty out the last few items in there and to turn in the keys..what a feeling to not have that weighing over us anymore! Now we can concentrate 100% on the house and get things in order. For instance we have a HUGE stack of mail sitting on the counter, some ours and some the previous exciting..

On the books for this week is a NOT so fun meeting in the AM. This mother is well..let's just say she is impossible. That's all. So in order to make it through the meeting without crying or screaming I am going to reward myself like I previously mentioned. I informed the hubs that some damage may be done tomorrow afternoon, but not to worry I will drop off his dry cleaning and go to the grocery store as well. We need so much food it is not even funny. The rest of the week will be spent moving boxes and finally beginning to hang pictures on the walls. Saturday Jenn and Brian are coming over to cookout and pass out candy to the little ones in the neighborhood. Jonathan and I are not much for dressing up and going out..but who knows we have been invited to several parties, but have NO costumes! So we will see how the week plays out.

Stay dry fellow houstonians and i can't believe in a less than a week it will be November! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! I can smell my dad's kitchen now!


  1. try not to float away girl! hope the meeting goes alright and have fun decorating your new place!! how fun! = )

  2. yay for Saturday! And yay for NO more APT! Its not supposed to rain today but it sure is cool! Good luck today and call me when your on the way to treat yourself. Where are you going? Maybe I'll meet ya!

  3. What do you teach and where?! I love meeting teachers in the Houston area!