Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well what can I say about our was amazing, perfection, relaxing, and well-deserved. I know I know we just honeymooned in May and we are already going to Mexico?? I am sure you are asking yourselves how did she swing that?? Well truth be told..this was our honeymoon part 2. As many of you may not know, our original honeymoon plan was to head to Mexico for a week of all-included bliss! Well then the lovely Swine Flu rolled around and nixed that. So we quickly planned a short getaway and made a deal to use our flight credits to go to somewhere beachy and tropical..little did we know it would be in October..a mere 4 months later! Well our fab friends Jackie & Rooter invited us to join them on their first anniversary trip to Playa Del Carmen for a 5 day getaway..we quickly agreed and booked our flights. This was my first AI experience and I think I will do it from now on! It is fabulous..all the food and drinks you can consume all day every day! It was the perfect reward for all the stress and hardwork we had just gone through! Needless to say I would love to be able to travel several times a year to amazing places..

Here are a fee pics from the trip..Jackie has some amazing pics from our snorkeling adventure, so more to come!

Soaking up the sun

I told them it was our honeymoon, so they decorated our room and gave us some champagne!

View from our balcony.

They had a really cool fireshow on the Greek Themed Night.

The hubs got up at like 6:30 to take this picture of the sunrise!

On our last night after two dinner! Lobster Pot & Hibachi Grill...i was super full!! Never eaten so much food in my life! I probably gained around 5 pounds during this trip!

So there is a snapshot of our it is back to reality!


  1. Hey its Alex B.

    I just had to say... from far away that last picture looks just like Paul and Ellen in South Padre. Haha.

    Hope all is well! I actually enjoy reading this blog. Keep it comin.

  2. Oh Alex you are not the first person to say that about jonathan and i! Several of the Odom cousins feel the same way!

    I can't believe you read this, but it makes me so happy! Miss you brother from another mother!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!! There's no place like Playa del Carmen...the beaches, the WATER...seriously, it's amazing and your pictures make me want to go there RIGHT NOW!