Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wishful Wednesday...Talent

So the Lovely Kelsey hosts this weekley edition on Wednesday's and this weeks topic is Talent. There are tons of talents I wish I had..singing, designing like my mom can, organization, but the one talent I wish I could claim that I am would be to be bilingual!!! Houston is the fourth largest city in the US. So we are quite the melting pot of cultures and languages. I truly wish I could speak Spanish, not only would it be a tremendous asset to my profession, but just to be able to conversate with Hispanics when we travel would be nice. Luckily Jackie speaks Spanish and she handled all the talking for us while we traveled, but I know it was frustrating for her at times since she was having to translate everything for us. And the spanish language itself is beautiful to me. That may sound weird I know, but when I listen to my superviser speaking Spanish to parents and students, it makes me want to learn to speak it. I mean one would think after 3+ years of learning Spanish in high school I would be able to conversate, but no such luck!

So there you have it..I wish I could be bilingual.

PS Kelsey & Erin I am incredibly sorry that I have not mailed your Chi Covers, but they will be mailed tomorrow! Thank you for your patience!

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  1. You are totally fine!! I am WAY more excited to played WW than mailing my item!! haha! Anyways, I took Spanish for a couple years in high school and sadly remember VERY little. I think this would be a great thing too, and you were the only one that had this as your wish. Creative!!