Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football????

My husband is a sports enthusiast. He loves almost all, football, baseball, basketball, and tennis. He is apart of three fantasy football leagues this year, so you are catching my drift.... Luckily I LOVE sports too, so it all works out. I scream and yell at the TV as much as he does! We have spent all day today packing and watching football and I wouldn't have changed a second of it. His beloved Michigan Wolverines won today..whew! My Vols lost..but they didn't get blown out so that was a HUGE plus! And now we are watching the Horns play Tech...all I can say is Hook'em Horns!! I am a fan orange..can you tell??? Since I brought up the color orange..Nordstorm has Tory Burch Reva Jellies in orange and yellow on sale for about 50 bucks! So if you are in the need of some now is the time to buy them!

Must get back to the hubs..hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. WHOA for football season! Did you ever order you a pair of Tory's?

  2. I love the leather flats because I wouldn't get too much wear out of these! I imagine them being super cute, just not sure I could pull them off!