Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Name Change Part 3

I am OFFICIALLY done changing my name. Part 3 of this oh-so tedious process was the passport. I was not exactly thrilled that I had to pay the 75 bucks again to simply change my name. IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN YOUR PASSPORT WITHIN A YEAR OF GETTING MARRIED OR NEEDING TO CHANGE YOUR NAME YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR NAME FOR FREE!!! SO TAKE ADVANTAGE LADIES. I sadly had gotten mine about two years ago! Ss not only did I have to fork up the 75 bucks I had to take a new picture..oh joy! So I sucked it up and went to Walgreens because we are leaving for Mexico in about 2.5 weeks! So I got the picture done and filled out the application. Headed over to the post office by my school..actually not too bad for a post office. It is tucked off of Dairy Ashford between Westheimer and Briar Forest. I OF COURSE paid the 15 bucks to overnight the application there and OF COURSE again to overnight it back to me thinking it would take at least two weeks for it to get here! NOT the case....the turn around was about 7 days! Seriously..I paid an extra 30 bucks for nothing! I guess it pays to be safe than sorry. Must have the passport before we head to Mexico in a few weeks. I am so ready for our vacation..I will post about the vaca spot another time. Off to make a yummy dinner for the hubs! Hopefully it will turn out!

P.S. why do the ladies have to do all the work??? Guys are so lucky!


  1. Ugh. This is the part I am the least looking forward to with getting married.

  2. Not a fun process but atleast its all done now! And yes why do the men always get it so easy?!