Monday, September 7, 2009

Early Birthday Festivities..

This upcoming Thursday is my 25th birthday and honestly I am a bit depressed about it. To think I will be 25, married, have a Master's degree and soon to be homeowner just sounds so old! So this past weekend my family and I decided to celebrate my birthday a little early since my brother Ben was in town for the long holiday weekend. We had a great time together. Ben and I helped my mom out of the stone age and into the 21st century with a new phone! We looked for furniture and he even got a tour of the house we are buying. He has specifically requested a plasma, xbox and tempur-pedic mattress! I told him..anything else?? HA. We grilled dinner both nights and have a great weekend. Well what is a birthday without presents! My sweet sweet mom always knows how to give a gift! I would have never guessed that she would buy me the two travel pieces from VB that I have had my eye on for weeks..saying "oh that would be great for Mexico!" Well she didn't disappoint. My mom (and dad) gave me BOTH pieces! I must be one amazing daughter! (wink. wink) My brother..who I told to NOT get me me Starbucks gift cards, which will come in very handy..since I am NOT a morning person!

Toiletry Bag..mine is in Bali Gold.
Weekender..which I am OBSESSED with!

Today Jonathan and I set out on day 2 of furniture shopping! We have been to Star, Macy's, Dillard's, Rooms to Go, Gallery (new galleria location), and Ashley furniture. We did find a kitchen table set today for a steal!! So I am VERY pleased that we came home with that. But I am starting to get a little discouraged on the couch front..I know we have time and we will find the right one, but it seems like we will either have to settle on one we don't love or spend more than we would like to. So this upcoming weekend I plan on heading to the Star Clearance Center on 45 and the original Gallery furniture..since the place is HUGE!! We have decided either leather or upholstery, 3 cushions, 97 inches or longer..crossing my fingers for a sectional and of course COMFORTABLE!! I cannot tell you how many couches we sat on that were stiff, to cushy or flat out made poorly! It was quite annoying. But I have faith that we will find something..just hoping sooner rather than later. Don't want to sit on the floor!
Hope everyone enjoyed there long weekend! I don't have another holiday until September 28th! Then we close and then we head off to Mexico for 4 days! So ready!

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  1. Yay for the kitchen table! Everything is falling into place and soon you will also have a wonderful couch. xoxo