Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Don't you have a Seat....

Say Hello to Our NEW couch! It is EXACTLY what we were looking for in a couch! Three cushions, upholstery, 99 inches long, and comfortable! I went on Saturday with my mom and Lisa in tow to find a couch! And I found the perfect one at Star Clearance Center on 45. So since Jonathan was out of town..I bombarded him with texts..telling him I had found our couch! He went today since the location is VERY close to his office. And he bought it!!!! I am soo excited. All we need now his a recliner for the hubs and we have everything we need! It feels so good to have the couch checked off of our list.
I went by the house today to pick up boxes and paper the seller's left us to use! So we are going to start packing this week since we will be closing here in the next few weeks. We have picked colors for every room, but the few that are staying. I have not figured out what color I would like in the kitchen just yet, but we will soon.
So that's the house update for now. The new roof is on and I get my second paycheck this week. Things are moving right along!
Pictures of the house to come once we close!


  1. I'm so so excited for you! I could feel the excitement in your voice earlier about the couch! Can't wait to see it ALL!

  2. thanks!! i am super excited too! I will be here packing all weekend! If you are bored feel free to stop by. Actually I don't think it will be too bad..the whole moving and painting will be the WORST!

  3. Very exciting!! I LOVE IT. And, I loved seeing you tonight.

    P.S. I am semi-obsessed with the pumpkin color for your kitchen and am on a mission to find you a green coordinating fabric to tie it all in!

  4. Congrats on finding a couch!

    Just found your blog and look forward to catching up!