Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shopping in YOUR Closet: Scarves..

I am so ready for fall it is insane. That is one of the few downfalls to living in is HOT pretty much until November. So sad especially since I love scarves and coats. I feel I am truly meant to live somewhere cooler with actual seasons. I have a ton of scarves that I love, but these 3 are my favorites.

This scarf is so soft. It is pink with tan and cream and it matches my wonderful long camel colored pea coat that I cannot wait to break out this winter. My sweet brother gave it to me last Christmas.

This purple scarf with lace detail is simply one of the greatest 15 dollar purchases I have ever made. I was returning something to Jubilee a fabulous little store in the Heights and decided I had to have it for our honeymoon in San Francisco.

This turquoise on turquoise peace sign scarf is also from Jubilee. My mom was buying my "little sister" Emily one and I decided I needed one too. I also wore on the honeymoon. It was just the right material and weight for the trip.
Well there you have 3 of my 10+ scarves that I wear pretty regularly. They just add that something extra to a plain tee and jeans. I can't wait for the cooler weather to arrive, so I can start wearing them more often.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. A weekend recap post tomorrow. The hubs is home from I need to corner him and have him take care of all the loose ends on the house front.


  1. I'm still super jealous of that purple scarf. I need one.

    Love you.

  2. Looks like I need to make a stop to Jubilee this winter for scarfs.. Cause I think I own 1, I just can't ever find one that fits me...

  3. i love that purple scarf! your signature at the bottom of your blogs is super cute too! xoxo