Monday, September 28, 2009

Stay Tuned..

Later this week I will be doing a giveaway..I can't take the credit. After enjoying a great lunch with Meredith and Carson, she texted me later on telling me I should do a giveaway with an item I gave her. Needless to say the thought never crossed me mind, but I am excited about this opportunity. So later tonight or tomorrow I will post the details. I am hoping to also post the incredible design Ashley Brooke came up with for Jonathan and I. 

Keeping it short for now the hubs has a pretty bad knot in his neck, so I need to be paying attention to him!

Sorry I have been MIA from the blogworld..we are down to one laptop at the moment, so blogging has taken a back seat to setting up the electricity, water and so forth for the house. We are set to close Thursday afternoon and get the keys Friday morning!! Pics to come once it is a done deal!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends..I know I did..gotta love a 3 day weekend.


  1. Whats the giveaway? I wanna play!!!

    I'm jealous you and Mer got to hang out today, miss you both!

    Can't wait to see the cards Ashley made you!!!! I must get atleast 2 copies...

  2. Your giveaway is going to be awesome!! I love mine. :) And, I'll definitely help spread the word...

    Today was great. Can't wait to hear about your FLAWLESS FACE!

    Love you.