Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

So today I am officially 25! Yowzas!! I woke up this morning to 2 text messages wishing me happy birthday and they kept on coming all day. I am for sure feeling so blessed to have so many people to send me birthday wishes. Not only did I go to UH with another in my department that has my birthday...i NOW work with two other ladies who have the same birthday!! Crazy huh?!? So today the special ed team (the best one of course) had a small birthday party for us. I racked up..pound cake, gift cards, water jugs and so forth. I am so fortunate to be working with these ladies. They have taken me under their wings and shown me how the school system works! After work I treated myself to a spray tan and then headed home. Jonathan called and said to meet him for sushi...ok?? we had that last night! He then proceeded to tell me..I was upgrading to a I am sure you are wondering why there is a picture of an iPhone instead. Well Verizon has annoyed me for the LAST time. We went in to get me a phone and give JJ the promotional free blackberry to replace his cracked one. They proceeded to tell us he couldn't have it because he can't upgrade until October. Umm it's September 1oth..seriously?!?? So we left. Jonathan told me it was stupid of them and that if I really want the iPhone to get it!!!! So hence the picture. AHHHH so excited! Not sure when I will be making the switch, but I am thrilled!!!
Tomorrow night I am excited to head to Cyclone Anaya's for my birthday celebration with all of my girlfriends..well not all of them but a good bit of them! After dinner we are headed out for drinks. Should be a great night to wrap up the birthday festivities!

I am hoping to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing and hopefully start the packing process. I need to make a run to goodwill or purple heart..i don't want to move half of the crap we have accumulated over the years!! We are headed for a BIG garage sale!

PS..I am still hoping for those Tory Burch Revas..maybe I will indulge this weekend! I think I deserve them...

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  1. So excited for your new phone!!! You have been talking about upgrading for so long and now after tons of patience you are finally getting it!!! YAY!!!! Can't wait for tonight!