Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kitchen Table~

I am soo thrilled to report that Jonathan and I found a kitchen table that we both like on sale this previous weekend! It is made by Ashley, solid wood, and its a Pub Table..which is what I wanted! So excited that the hubster pulled the trigger on this yesterday! HA! The color is perfect for the new house. I am excited to set the table with all the linens from Crate & Barrel.

Now if we can just find a couch or sectional life would be great. Who knows we might be sitting on the floor for a few weeks after we move in! Jonathan would prefer to wait until we are in the house, so he can have a better feel for what would work best and I am not sure about that idea?!?! We shall see.

The packing will begin this weekend..so not excited about that, but we have boxes and a pile ready for donation already! I can't wait to clean house that is for sure!

Busy night tonight..hope everyone stayed dry this afternoon!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the table! I was at main campus all day, didn't rain a bit.. Got back to SL, saw puddles everywhere! Need help packing?