Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

I was so pleased today to walk out of my room at school and feel a nice breeze..such a dramatic change from the HEAT yesterday!!! Jonathan and I have been tying up all the loose ends this week with the upcoming closing of our first home. We have called everyone and set up all the accounts that we need as far as we know. We have some great friends that have offered to help us move and paint this weekend and we are very lucky to have such amazing friends to offer up their free time to us. We will be thanking them of course with a home cooked meal once we are in the house! Both sets of parents are coming over on Friday to kickstart the weekend. Pizza, drinks, music and painting..it is always fun when the six of us get together. The dads have informed us that they will be "in charge" of the food on Friday and supervising the rest of us! I told my dad that he does not have to paint, but that if he happens to help me remove some shelves in one of the rooms that a small prize might be in it for him. Needless to say we feel blessed to have such great parents and friends. Tomorrow we are doing our final walkthrough and then we are heading over to Home Depot to buy the supplies for the weekend. Thursday we close at 4 and then will head over to the house to start taping and hopefully finish since there will be 3 of us there! We shall see. I am going to close this post with the quote my mom has said to me at least 5 times in the past two weeks:

"Rome was not built in a day Megan."

This is very true mom and luckily we have the entire month of October to move into our house!

That's all for now..heading over to the mall while JJ is playing softball..shhh don't tell!

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  1. Recess duty was so much better today! Yay for Fall!