Thursday, September 3, 2009

Furniture Smurniture...

In hopes to cash in on the Labor Day Sales this weekend, I have been scouring the web for a couch! Since we will be moving in about 5 to 6 weeks..I feel we should start looking now. I have been to Rooms To Go, Roomstore, Macy's, and looked online at several other stores. Who knew it would be sooo difficult to find a 3 cushion, fabric, couch long enough for JJ to lay on and his feet not hang off for under a 1000 bucks! Seems like it would be pretty easy. So not the case. I totally understand that a couch should be an investment, something you have for a long time. My only thing is that I am NOT going to spend 2 or 3 thousand dollars for said piece. The color on the walls in the living room has a touch of yellow, so I want something neutral but NOT boring. I am envisioning a tan couch with two chairs with a print..sounds easy enough! Jonathan and I are headed out on Monday to see if we can find something..Macy's, Gallery Furniture.. who knows where else. Jonathan has reassured me that we will find the right couch..just like we found the right house when I was worried we weren't going to do it. So I am going to stay positive and certain that we can find something this weekend or soon after!

In other school's Open House was tonight and it was successful. I went from one PPCD class to another introducing myself and answering questions. It was nice to meet some of the parents..and let them have the opportunity to meet me. I was rewarded for my good efforts as well. One of the teachers made homemade pound cake ...I am about to indulge in a piece as we speak!

Looking forward to this weekend with the family. We are going to BBQ and head over to the house again. We just can't get enough of the place. My mom has been scouting out Home Goods and Marshalls for items..she is so excited! Plus the location couldn't be better. We are about 10 minutes away from both sets of parents. Just close enough but also just far enough away. I am also excited because we have a great friend that will be about 30 yards away with an amazing pool and my friend Katie also lives in the neighborhood as well! So I am looking forward to having automatic friends once we move. We are so ready to get out of this apartment, but I am NOT looking forward to packing this place up. We have stuff everywhere. I have a storage unite full of furniture, we have stuff at his parents, stuff at my parents plus all of our wedding will take us weeks to move in! But will be soo worth it in the end. We are so ready to start making memories there.

Hope everyone enjoys their Friday. I am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon..Tina and I are hitting up Happy Hour!

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  1. Hi there-

    Love your blog (found it via nina!)...and that you are a fellow Houstonian! Congrats on your new home - I'm sure y'all are so ready to move in! If you're still looking for furniture and decor, I HIGHLY recommend the Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos. Over the course of a year (3 years ago), the hubby and I fully furnished our house with tons of great things from there. We have an awesome bedroom set that we got for fairly cheap (paid $120 for a bed that they still sell for $850).

    Now all of this talk has made me go and want a new home to decorate all over again!!